The 20 Best Bride-To-Be Gifts That She'll Cherish Before The Wedding

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  • Getting married is stressful, but these thoughtful gifts for the bride-to-be can help settle nerves.
  • Friends often give a little gift at the bachlorette party, the bridal shower, or on the big day.
  • Practical, cute, or thoughtful items like slippers, a bouquet of flowers, or champagne flutes are great.

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Before they officially say “I do,” there are a few items a bride may need leading up to their big day. Bride-to-be gifts are typically given any time prior to the wedding, whether it’s at the bachelorette party, at the bridal shower, or the actual day of itself. 

They’ll particularly appreciate the gifts that pamper and help them de-stress, or ones that aid them in preparation during this typically-stressful time. So from self-care presents to fun gifts, the bride-to-be deserves something special that’s made just for them. 

Here are the 20 best bride-to-be gifts:

A satin eye mask for sleeping beauty

white satin bride glitter inscribed sleep mask


Bride Sleep Mask, available at Amazon, $13.99

What better way to help the bride-to-be get their beauty rest than with this cute sleep mask. Better yet, the satin sleep mask has their title decorated on it to show everyone not to disturb the bride. 

A fast-drying hair towel

fast drying hair towel volo hero towel

Volo Beauty

The Volo Hero Towel, available at Volo Beauty, $39

Soon-to-be brides can protect their hair from damage with the plush Volo Hair towel that’s ultra-absorbent and cuts dry time in half. There is also a strap to hold the towel so it will never fall off in any situation. 

A notebook to plan the perfect wedding

wedding planner and organizer


Wedding Planner & Organizer, available at Amazon, $33.99

If they’ve always dreamed of happily ever after, they’ve surely planned everything for their wedding to the last detail. This interactive wedding planner organizes everything on 132 pages filled with helpful tips, an 18-month countdown calendar, a 12-month checkpoint list, and more.  

A pair of personalized bridal slippers

three woman wearing personalized bridal slippers


Personalized Bridal Slippers, available at Etsy, $18.99

Make the wedding day feel even sweeter with these fluffy slippers that are personalized with the bride-to-be’s new surname. After all the festivities, slide off the heels and slip into these comfy slippers that feel like a dream. 

A skincare kit with glowing results

maelove fade scar spots kit


Fade Scar Spot Kit, available at Maelove, $67.88

A glowy, refreshed face is essential on the wedding day. This Maelove skincare kit provides a flawless complexion with faded scars and spots. It includes a hydrating face serum, night cream, and an exfoliator scrub. 

A fresh flower bouquet delivered to them

bouquet of flowers in a vase

Urban Stems

The Amethyst, available at Urban Stems, $95

Gifting flowers is as easy as it is thoughtful for the bride. The bride-to-be will feel delighted to receive Urban stem’s stunning flowers as a congratulatory gift to kick off the days leading up to the wedding. 

A set of soothing skincare treats for nighttime

relax gift set lush


Relax Gift Set, available at Lush, $39.95

A self-care gift is always a good idea. This Lush gift set is filled with lavender-infused items to help relax at night, from an aromatic bath bomb to soothing lotion. 

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